Wednesday, June 2, 2010

18 days left and concerned about what I'll eat

Today I am feeling a bit sluggish. Perhaps it is my body trying to recover from all the tacos, cheetos, jelly belly's and croissants with egg, cheddar and basil that I ate over this memorial day weekend. I gorged myself with sugar or at least what seemed to be for a hypoglycemic (my diet prohibits too many carbs and sugary goodness). My weekend gorge also consisted of wheat (I have an intolerance), which I savored every little bite or drink of, but now I must pay the price. Aside from feeling bloated, I am stuck in a haze with dark circles under my eyes and what feels like bricks in my pants. It is a similar to not sleeping for a few days.

Why does this diet concern me? While, I already have my wedding food planned; I have yet to figure out what to eat on the mountain. It has to be light weight, legume, brassica, soy and wheat free. I did some quick research and found some pouches of food with delicious names, such as, AlpineAire Chicken Gumbo and AlpineAire Western Tamale Pie with Beans. They sound pretty tasty, though how good could freeze dried food really be? Unfortunately, these have soy. Over the next few days I will begin a quest for food. I plan to post the foods from strange to tasty. Please help me figure out what I should eat by commenting on my blog. :-)

A few foods I have found:

Snack— Alpsnacks- Looks like a good alternative to the clif bar.

Breakfast— Bob's Red Mill Hot Cereal

Powdered egg whites

Lunch— I am on the hunt for lunch. Right now I am thinking, hard boiled eggs, nuts and dried fruit as well as turkey jerky.

While not gluten free, I found this canned bread pretty amazing


  1. What about quinoa? Faster than rice and has more protein.

    And lots of beef jerky and chunks of cheese :)

  2. Quinoa is an excellent idea. I don't eat beef, but I am thinking a good turkey jerky might be nice, provided it doesn't have soy. Mmm.. cheese..